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Christeen Dyer founded Blue Aloe Counselling in 2021 and she brings 12 years of experience into her counselling practice. This experience encompasses working with a diverse population, including individuals with various mental health identities, providing tools for marriage and relationship growth, supporting people through trauma. She is registered with the Ontario Colleges of Social Work and Social Service Workers, indicating her professional qualifications and adherence to ethical standards.

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Christeen’s primary goal is to provide support and guidance to individuals facing everyday challenges, as well as those navigating significant milestones and lifetime markers. She is equipped to assist clients with a wide range of issues and concerns that may arise throughout their lives.

By leveraging her knowledge and experience, she aims to help clients overcome obstacles, cope with difficulties, and achieve personal growth. Whether it's dealing with stress, relationship issues, career transitions, grief, or any other life-related challenge, she is committed to offering compassionate and valuable guidance.

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